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Cat Toys, Clothes, Jewelry and Treats 


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Cat Toys, Homemade

There are many ways to make a cat toy at home; These are just a few ways you can your favorite feline a toy from your heart.

  1. Toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll) – there are many different toys you can make from the TP roll

    1. Wide wheel - cut vertical tabs, 1⁄2 in wide and about 1 in long, around each end of a cardboard toilet paper roll. Fold back each of the tabs so the stand straight up. You can use a glue stick to adhere a piece of colored or decorative paper to the outside of the roll. It is easier to do before cutting.

    2. Cat Nip TP roll – Pinch one end and hot glue it closed, fill with cat nip, pinch the other end and hot glue it closed. To drive your friend crazy, put a small bell inside. You could hot glue sisal rope to the outside to make it more of a scratching post toy. I tried using three different colored rope (you could use yarn) and glued the end to the roll.

    3. Felt TP roll – on any of the TP roll toys, you can glue colored felt to the outside of the TP roll. It will help with cleaning the claws and the toy will last longer.

    4. Food Roll – Take a TP roll and cut two holes close to the ends. A bit larger that the size of your dry cat food or treat. Glue and close one end fill 1/3 with food or treat and glue and close the other end. Make sure some of the treat falls out but not too fast.

  2. Socks, (old but no holes) (Usually, we all have one sock with no mate.) Waded up tissue paper into balls and fill the sock. I usually put some paper, then some cat nip and more paper, then… until the sock us full. Knot the end. You could place a bell inside.

  3. Felt fabric –

    1. Catnip pillow – if you can sew, close three sides (around 4X4 inches) and then fill with cat nip and cotton stuffing. Close fourth side. Bell could be used inside.

    2. Fish – Use a colorful fabric and cut out a circle (I used a bowl and a marker to mark the fabric). Fill with filler (I used cotton, but any clean filler will work) and cat nip, maybe a bell. Bunch up the ends to incase the filling and take to two or many lengths of yarn and tie the opening closed, leaving the yarn out for your cat to play with, unless then will eat it.  You can draw faces on the other end.

  4. Boxes – Cardboard or plastic

    1. You can make a box into a fun puzzle. Cut holes and place toys inside. (If a plastic box, make sure to sand the edges so your cat doesn’t cut themselves.)   

  5. Wine Corks – (I have not tried this, but it seems like a good idea, as long as you clean up the cork pieces after they are done play, you do not want you cat to eat the pieces.) Add feathers (watch to make sure your cat doesn’t eat them) or ribbons.

This is from my book - The Pampered Cat 

There are a few things that you shouldn’t use as a cat toy or part of cat toy. Things that they could sallow, eat or get poked with. No Christmas tinsel, no glass objects, no wires or staples, and with some cats, yarn (if they tend to eat instead of play, remove yarn toys).

WARNING DO NOT USE FABRIC THAT YOUR CUOCH OR DRAPES ARE MADE FROM - you don’t want your cat to think your drapes or your couch are toys.

Cat Toy, home
Cat toy store

Cat Toys, from store

Sometimes a cat toy from the store is easier, faster and just as much fun for kitty!

They just to PLAY!

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Cat Clothes

Cat Outfits 

Here are some fun clothes for your cat, but you might want to start the 911 call first.

Cat Jewelry, for you and to show how proud you are of your feline family!

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Cat Jewelry
Store Treats

Store Treats

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Cat Clothing, for you and to show how proud you are of your feline family!

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Cat Clothing

Cat Massage

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Cat Massage
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