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What is

"Pay What You Want"?

Pay What You Want is how I sell my eBooks

I visited a church that didn't pass an offering plate, they had a box in the back. They relied on God moving the hearts of His children to support the church.

I am using the same concept for my eBooks. 

If someone wants to support me, they can donate as much as they want. But others will still enjoy the stories I write and the teachings that are in the stores.

My newest book

Books that have

helped me

UnDo It!
This book is helping me to stay healthy and live a much better life.
4 main principals to follow and how to follow them.

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Ken is meeting with Joe for tea at their favorite café’s patio when a beautiful, lightly dressed, young woman comes in and sits across from Joe and grabs his attention.

The men talk about the ‘Lust of the eyes’, which leads to ‘boiling frogs’, which leads to ‘other areas’ that the frog could enlighten.

Joe asks Ken about ‘how to stop looking lustfully at women’ even though he likes looking.

“First, tell God what you are doing. Second do not be a Christian Butterfly!”

Ken explains the first part, which leads to feed the correct dog, which leads to a Shepard. All of this leads to setting up an appointment with God.

The story end with ‘the Lost Son’ and Christian Butterflies.


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The Pampered Cat has:

  • 99 recipes for food, medicine, and enjoyment

  • Suggestions on how to make cat toys and links for buying cat toys.

  • Links for Cat jewelry, outfits, and clothing for yourself

Everything to pamper your feline friend(s).

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Benny Menny is the first and third books combined into one book.
Benny Menny, the Early Years!   
This is Book #1
This is the spin off book on Benny's Coronation.
5x5 Book Cover copy.jpg
This is the eBook for Benny Menny

This book is about Benny growing up and what drove him (demons) to want to be a god. Ken’s boss finds a long-lost cousin who can tell of the early years. But he is old and falls asleep often. 


Benny Menny, the Ever-Lasting Eternity! 

This is Book #3  

What happens to Benny?

Where is he?

Where is he going?

What happens next?

Benny's Coronation
This is book #2
We follow three sets of kids as they work their way to an event in downtown Los Angles called Burning Baby.
We watch as the angles and smokie shadows battle for the souls of the kids.
5X5 eBook copy.jpg
This is the eBook for Benny's Coronation
Benny believes he will become a god, at this event because he will capture the souls of many kids.
Eli was sent to stop him and lead the kids back to God.
Ken wants to be an undercover reporter and records a spiritual battle between Benny and Eli and broadcast it around the world.
Who will win the kids?
Benny or Ele?
Use this link to buy a paperback.
101 Love Thoughts
This is a book of 101 life quotes to help you to build your relationship with the Creator -
Order here for a paperback.
5x5 cover Love Thoughts copy.jpg
This is a book of 101 life quotes
Helping you to build
your relationship
With the creator - Jesus
Using Artist images
and quotes
Stubby becomes a Pastor
This is a book about the personnel struggles of a mouse when befriending some rats. He helps them so much that he begins to preach the Word.
Use this link to buy the paperback.
Stubby book cover eBook.jpg
Stubby becomes a Pastor is an easy and fun read about a mouse that struggles with his issues while learning to preach the Word of God.
He finds new friends, builds his relationship with present friends, and learns about himself during his journeys.
How did Stubby get his name?
Does Stubby hear from God?
Will Stubby heal from his past hurts?
Book Cover copy.jpg
Eye of the Storm
A story of trust. Stan talks with God about his money and God wants to bless him. 
Will Stan allow God to Bless him?

Pay what you want

eBook 5X5  Cover The Healing of Bartimae
How does Bartimaeus’ mother feel about her blind son?
How does Bartimaeus’ father feel about his blind son? 

How does Bartimaeus’ friends feel about him?
How does Jesus feel about Bartimaeus?
What will Jesus do?

Pay what you want

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for Cleaning

and Health

over 150 reasons

and ways to

benefit from Vinegar

Pay what you want

Seven Short Stories
I will be rewriting this book and making it an eBook in a few months
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